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Trip Summary

It is unfortunate that my dream trip is already over and I wish that it was longer, but that's not the case. During my trip I would have to say that the stops that I enjoyed the most were Whistler and Lisbon, because of the weather and activities that I did such as mountain biking and watching a soccer game where my favorite team won.

During my vacation I traveled a total of 28,134.91km
Total number of days traveling was 25, 19 spent at destinations and the rest flying and wasted days when I arrived in the middle of the night.
I hope I have the opportunity to do a trip like this again.

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Silverstone, England

Ninth and final stop on my dream trip around the world

My trip is now winding to a close with my final stop being in Silverstone, England to watch a MotoGP motorcycle race. The flight to England took 15 hours with a connection and costs around $1000 dollars, the flight also spanned 1265km. I am staying in Silverstone for two days, one day for qualifying and the second for the race. While in silverstone i will be staying in a hotel practically next to the circuit called Snoozebox Hotel at silverstone.


For my first day in Silverstone i am just going to relax and watch the Motogp Qualification rounds, there is three of them for each class of of Motogp

My second and most important day in Silverstone is watching the MotoGP race, in this race my favorite rider Valentino Rossi is fifth on the starting grid but looks to be able to get a podium finish today. The race is halfway through and Rossi is in second place and is looking fast enough to beat rival rider Marc Marquez to the podium, I am very excited to see the end of this race. The race is over and Rossi has just edged out his rival. I very much enjoyed this race and would go see another one if I could.


Today is the last day of my trip and unfortunately i will be heading back tomorrow to Mississauga.

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Madrid, Spain

Eighth stop on my dream trip around the world

My trip is winding down to a close as i am just starting the penultimate destination. The flight from Lisbon to Madrid was a short one, only 651km with a flight time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The price of this flight is $180. While in Madrid i will be staying at the Hotel Europa for my one day visit, while in Madrid i am going to see the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium where arguably the best soccer team in the world plays and that is Real Madrid. I also want to do a bike tour which will go and visit various landmarks and points on interest.

Landing_at..rt_car_hire.jpg front-of-hotel.jpg

The first full day in Madrid has finally arrived, and with that i have chosen to go visit the Real Madrid stadium since they are one of my favorite soccer teams. The stadium is massive and i am told that it seats a little over 80 000 people. Unfortunately Madrid will not be playing any home games during my stay, so the closest to the action I can get is a stadium tour. Since going to the stadium took a large portion of my day all i am going to do now is take a walk around town before heading back to my hotel for the night.


I had to cut the visit to Madrid to only a day so i can catch an event i have tickets for in Silverstone, England.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Seventh stop on my dream trip around the world

After the 10.5 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Lisbon i am very tired so i am going to go to bed for the remainder of the day even though it is only 6pm. The Flight between the two countries costs $1654 and spanned 7948km. While in Lisbon i plan on doing some mountain biking on the Sintra trails and watching a soccer game at the Estadio Jose Alvalade. I am going to be spending three days and Lisbon and for the duration of my stay i am going to be staying at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, this hotel has an elegant look and offers free Wi-Fi and a pool. Hopefully I Can get a good nights rest today so that i can be energized to do all of my planned activities tomorrow.

lisbon-airport-1.jpg Corinthia-Hotel-Lisbon-1.jpg

For my first day in Lisbon i am going to go slightly outside the city and head to the Sintra area where i will rent a mountain bike and go on the Sintra Trails which are just outside the city. I am very excited to do this, but first i need to have breakfast and then drive my rental car which i am ranting for the duration of my stay over to the trails. I plan on spending the majority of my day up in the trails biking, but i wont be biking the entire time as i do plan on doing some sightseeing in the Sintra area too. Now that I am at the trails i have been biking for close to three hours and i am going to take a break at a Cafe by the trails and go to the famous Sintra Castle. The view from the Castle is amazing, it feels like i can see forever. I have loved my first day in Lisbon and i got to spend it doing something that I love and that is mountain biking, I am very much looking forward to my second day in Lisbon where i will go and see the soccer stadium where Sporting Lisbon plays.

11208508_3..929583266_n.jpg Pena-Natio..ra-Portugal.jpg
I am awake now and ready to start my second day in Lisbon, today i will be going to see the Belem tower which is the most photographed landmark in Lisbon, after that i will go to the Estadio Jose Alvalade to watch Sporting Lisbon play their cross town rivals Benfica at home, looking forward to that. Since the soccer game is at night i have a while to explore the city while i wait, first of all i am going to go to the Belem tower and take a few pictures and i heard they have an excellent bakery very close by that sells traditional Portuguese pastries. Now that i am at the Belem tower i have already taken my pictures and i'm headed over to the bakery to check out those pastries everyone is talking about. I am at the Estadio Jose Alvalade now after spending some time at the Belem tower, waiting for the game to start watching the early game show with all the flashy lights and dancing. The game has started and Sporting is leading 1-0 fifteen minutes in to the half and looking to keep this pressure on throughout the whole game.

lisbon-por..em-tower_11.jpg alvalade_xxi.jpg

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sixth stop on my dream trip around the world

Now that I have arrived from Montevideo to Sao Paulo after the two hour and thirty minute flight which spanned approximately 1940km. While in Sao Paulo I am going to be staying for two days and ill be staying at the Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo, this hotel is by the water and has many nice restaurants and attractions near it. While in San Paulo I intend on experiencing the cities nightlife and sightseeing along the waterway that is adjacent to my hotel that I am staying at. since it is around dinnertime when I was finally able to leave Sao Paulo's airport I am just going to get a quick bite to eat then go to bed so that I am fully rested for the next day of exploring Sao Paulo. Flight cost, $315

gru-airpor..ulo-airport.jpg 889201_88_b_w.jpg

For my first full day in Sao Paulo i have chosen to go to a race track and watch a race, but before the event starts i am going to go and walk around the city for awhile and choose somewhere to stop for lunch. Now that i have had lunch i am now ready to go to Interlagos Circuit which is the race track that they use when Formula One goes to Brazil, I will not be seeing a formula one race because there is no scheduled race for the time that i am in Sao Paulo. However there is an auto racing event going on that i will be watching for the remainder of the day. The race is going to start shortly, they are bring the cars out of the garages and down the pit lane to get ready to line up on the starting grid. I will update tomorrow on the race.


Now that it is my last day in Sao Paulo i am going to go around town and do some sight seeing and maybe some shopping, but first i am going to report on the race that i watched yesterday. The team that i was going for which was racing the Gulf Aston Martin db9 placed 2nd and 5th in the race, so i would consider that a race worth watching. The winner of the race was driving the black and white Porsche shown in my first picture. I have finished breakfast and i'm headed to see Jardins District which is an area with nice looking buildings and shops, now that i am here i am going o walk around for a couple hours and then go see Solo Sagrado De Guarapiranga which has beautiful gardens and structures to look at. Once i leave there i am going to have dinner and go back to my hotel since i am going to have a long flight to Lisbon, Portugal tomorrow.

jardins-district.jpg solo-sagra..apiranga_01.jpg

Unfortunately the time has come to leave Brazil, i had such a good time there but i am also very excited to visit Lisbon, Portugal.

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