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Montevideo, Uruguay

Fifth stop on my dream trip around the world

After leaving the astonishing country of Chile, I am now ready visit Montevideo the Capital of Uruguay. The airport is busy yet nice looking, once I leave the airport I intend to go to the Alma Historica Boutique Hotel which is located in the Ciudad Vieja area of the city and is by the water in a prime location for things to see. While in Montevideo I intend on doing some sight seeing and go check out the beach, I've heard from a friend that it's very nice there. Although i am very excited i am also very tired from all the flying that I have been doing between the various countries i have visited, the flight from Santiago to Montevideo spanned 1665km and will take approximately two hours. Flight cost, $240


For my first day in Montevideo I have chosen to do some sightseeing and visit various locations to take pictures one place in particular that stood out to me was Rambla de Montevideo. After doing some research I have decided that I am going to relax and spend the morning at my hotels pool and then go and have lunch at a local restaurant, after lunch I will take a taxi over to Rambla de Montevideo, take some photos and then after that I am just going to take a walk around town and stop by some local shops and check out what they are selling. I am looking forward to spending some time at the beach tomorrow and doing some more sightseeing.


For my last day in Uruguay I have chosen to spend my first half of the day at the beach since I do love going to beaches so much. Now that I am at the beach I think I am going to stay until around 6pm and then go and have dinner somewhere traditional. I have chosen to go to Chacra del Puerto, the food there is very good and the service is friendly. Now that I am done eating I am going to head back to my hotel and get a good nights rest for my flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

montevideo_beach.jpg chacra_del_puerto.jpg

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Santiago, Chile

Forth stop on my dream trip around the world

After leaving the continent of North America and Miami I am now on my way to the country of Chile, the flight to Chile will be approximately 8 hours and 30 minutes and will span 6659 kilometers. While in Santiago I Plan to be there for a few days, with the few days that I am there I plan on sightseeing and going to various monuments while spending at least one day at the beach to take in all the sea air. While in Santiago I will be spending the three days at Hotel Bidasoa, this hotel is 4.5 stars and around $242 per night for a regular room. Below are some pictures of the hotel and the airport of Santiago. Flight Cost, $1243

81930_1270399967.jpg bidasoa-hotel-25.jpg

For the first full day that I will spend in Chile I have chosen to look at a few of the famous monuments, churches and landmarks of Santiago. For the first point of interest I have chosen to see I will be seeing the Cerro San Cristobal Hill. The Cristobal hill rises about 800m above the ground and is the second highest point in Santiago, Chile. After I visit the Cristobal hill i will then go have lunch at a traditional Chilean cafe and then go to slightly outside the capital city and go to the Valle Navedo, which is a ski resort near Santiago where i will be doing some skiing during the day and also some skiing at night. I plan to have dinner there and stay on the hill until around 12am. The drive back to my hotel assuming the traffic is not backed up will be around an hour to an hour and a half, i still find it amazing that these mountains are so close to a busy and bustling city.


After my late night last night i have chosen to sleep in a while and instead of having breakfast i will just go to a local cafe and have a late breakfast early lunch type of thing. After that I have chosen to go to the Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos which is the stadium which some of the Copa America soccer matches will be held. Although while I am there I will not be viewing any games because there will be none going on at the time, they do allow people to view certain areas of the stadium. I am going to leave for some dinner and am going to go back later to watch some Copa America events that they hold at the stadium when there isn't going on. I am now at the stadium and they are having various events going on within the stadium including dancing shows and various bmx bike events going on at the track which is located in a different section of the stadium. That is all i plan on doing in Santiago today and look forward to spending a day at the beach tomorrow.

1609504.jpg chile-cafecaribe.jpg

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Miami, USA

Third stop on my dream trip around the world

After leaving Whistler and departing from Vancouver International Airport it is now time to continue with my journey around the world and go to my next stop which is Miami, Florida. While in Miami I will be staying in Holiday Inn Port of Miami Downtown for the entirety of my two day stay. Since I still have some time to spend in Miami before I have to go to bed as it is only 7pm, which means I still have time for some dinner. For dinner I will be eating at Wolfgang's Steakhouse which is a highly rated restaurant but also very expensive, the last of my gourmet eating while in Florida otherwise ill run out of money. I am very much looking forward to spending two fun days in the sun in Miami. Flight is 5525km ond costs $723

WELCM_EXTR_1_E.jpg miami_airport.jpg

For the morning and afternoon part of my first day in Miami, I discovered a local Mountain Bike Park that is not too far from my hotel and is located on Virginia Key and is roughly a twenty minute drive by car. I am going to spend part of the day on the trails until around 4pm when I will leave and then check out the Miami Seaquarium which is roughly a five minute drive from the trails and is still on the Virginia Key. After I leave the Seaquarium the time will probably be around 7pm and it will be time for dinner. For dinner I will probably try and save some money and just settle for something simple for dinner like McDonald's. I want to eat quickly so that I can just walk around the downtown area and see some stores and see the night life of Miami. It is now 2am and I am going to bed to get ready for the next day which I plan to spend on the beach and do some shopping.

web-5.jpg large.jpg

For my second and final day in Miami i plan to do some of the best things to do in Miami which is going to the beach and shopping. For the first half of the day I am going to go to the beach for a few hours while it is nice and hot out. Now that i am at the beach i am going to spend some time in the water and lying down and relaxing, i plan to leave the beach in a couple hours so i still have enough time for shopping. Now that i have left the beach i am on my way to Aventura Mall where I will look at some of the high end shops including the Ferrari store where i plan to buy a F1 Ferrari team shirt. After leaving the mall and buying the shirt among other things i am going to go back to the beach and take a walk on the boardwalk to enjoy my last day in beautiful Miami.

Aventura-Mall-Miami.jpg miami-beac..d-something.jpg

My bags are all packed and i am ready to visit the hot country of Chile.

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Whistler, Canada

Second stop on my dream trip around the world

Arriving at Vancouver International Airport(YVR) I am very excited, albeit sad to be leaving Montreal so early but the trip must go on. Now that I have arrived in Vancouver after the 5 hour and 10 minute flight which spanned an astonishing 4510km, I still need to take a shuttle bus to Whistler which is 120km away and approximately a hour and a half of driving assuming the weather and traffic is ideal. Once I get to Whistler I will be staying at the Four Seasons Resort in whistler for three days. While in Whistler for the three days that I am there I will be at whistler Ski resort which I actually known as Whistler Blackcomb and is used as mountain bike park during the summer months. Flight Cost, $837

874_hotel_img.jpg YVR_Airport_Aerial_1.jpg
A picture of the hotel i'm staying at and Vancouver's airport

For my first day in whistler I am at the mountain bike park after leaving my hotel and having a good breakfast. For my first day at the world renowned mountain bike park I will be going on the easier trails marked as green and will be going with a guide for the first couple runs so i can be shown around and also so I don't get lost or collide with any wildlife, such as trees and the occasional bear, although they are rare to see. After getting down a few runs with my guide I think i'm ready to go by myself on the green marked trails for the rest of the day. After riding on the easier trails, which can still get you moving over 50 km per hour. Now that I have mastered the easy trails I think i'm ready for the medium difficulty

image.jpg i_top_worl..l_6_cropped.jpg

Now that the next day has come i am excited to try something with a little more difficulty and some jumps, the trails that I'm going to do today are considered the medium difficulty trails. Today I am not going to get a guide to come with me as I roughly know my way around the trails without getting lost or going on the wrong trail. After falling a couple times I think I'm ready to take a break and have lunch, afterwards I will continue an the blue marked trails as there is many more to explore. After meeting a few fellow riders and after going down the trails a few times together I think its time to call it a day and get well rested for the last day of mountain biking.

sub_bike.jpg . p4pb8223021.jpg

For my last day at the whistler mountain bike park I will be trying out the cross country (XC) runs which are highly recommended to try even if the main thing to do there is downhill mountain biking. For the cross country trails there is still some steeper sections but the main reason why I wanted to try cross country riding in Whistler is because of the stunning views that you can see at various elevations. I made sure to have a big breakfast as I wont be coming back to the main area for a few hours. After going on a lengthy ride and taking some pictures of the scenery I am ready to have lunch and do it all over again, maybe on a different trail too. Now that my last day in Whistler is over I need to get good rest so I can get back to Vancouver airport tomorrow and take my flight to Miami.

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Montreal, Canada

First stop on my dream trip around the world

After waiting for a while at Toronto Person International airport my flight has arrived and I have safely landed in Montreal after the rather short but calm flight of about 1 hour and 10 minutes spanning approximately 540km. After picking up my luggage I will take a taxi to the Delta Montreal Hotel which offers amenities such as free Wi-Fi and a pool. Once I arrive at my hotel I will have lunch and then go and tour the shopping districts of downtown Montreal. Flight cost, $226

Aeroport_Montreal-hd.jpg _MG_5415.jpg

After arriving at my hotel and unpacking, for my first of two days I will spend in Montreal I have chosen to spend the day in the shopping districts of the city, namely I will be going to the Ville Marie borough of Montreal which has a lot of historical culture to it. While there I am going to go to the "F1 Boutique Canada" which offers a wide variety of racing merchandise not only limited to Formula One racing but also MotoGP motorcycle racing. After I my Ferrari team sponsor shirt I will then check out some of the other shops and café's in the area. After eating and some window shopping it's time to go and visit the Biodome which was used during the 1976 Olympics under the name "Velodrome". When I am touring the Biodome I will go check out the replicas of the four ecosystems they have on display which are located in the Americas and learn about the different plants and animals which inhabit them, I am very excited to check out the planetarium they have there. After a fun day of viewing the sights of Montreal I will go back to my hotel and get a good nights rest for my next day in Montreal.

F1_Boutique.jpg 1-biodome-..xterieure_0.jpg

After waking up and enjoying my continental breakfast at the Delta Montreal Hotel i will then proceed to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to tour the circuit grounds and the track its self. Unfortunately there is currently no races going on so a track tour is the closest I will be able to get to the 300km/h plus action. After taking a track tour at a fraction of that speed I will then go and tour the Parc Ferme and the pit stop area where the cars are taken for tire changes and other modifications during and between practice/qualification sessions. After leaving the racing circuit I am then going to take a taxi to the Bio Sphere which was used for Expo 67 and has a view of the circuit. Once at the Bio Sphere I am looking at all the pictures and information they have on display there and enjoying all the beautiful sights and sounds of Montreal. After leaving the Bio Sphere I am now going to head back to my hotel and pack my bags so ill be ready the next day to head to Whistler British Colombia.

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